white bois going Black !! >>important please be honest!!!!<<<

Have you ever been Blacked ? or your a just masturbator

  • Yes! i'm black owned !! regulairy blacked

    Votes: 34 8.0%
  • i have been blacked once/few times. will do it again

    Votes: 129 30.5%
  • i'm straight but i only suck huge nigger dicks

    Votes: 51 12.1%
  • i still fuck my whife/GF but masturbate on IR

    Votes: 105 24.8%
  • im a interracial cuckold, share my wife with Black bulls

    Votes: 20 4.7%
  • i'm single, only jerking off on IR

    Votes: 84 19.9%

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I identify with those who began by saying, "well I still fuck pussy, so I am not gay". Well, I have this to say after a long time denying it. Whether I'm gay or not, I am a cocksucker, a faggot, whatever. I have finally acknowledged it; I no longer 'want' to fuck my wife or any other woman. I crave cock, period, and I want Black Cock. I will say this. I have been told to serve other white men, and I do so when told. In the end, I'd go down for any cock.


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xxtase said:
really want to know how many white bois here are blacked !! if you bitches think really about going black or not yet !! years i was try to convince my self that im straight while jerking everynight on big black dicks pictures, and then i just look on the net and give a date for the biggest black dick in town, go giving him the best blow job of his life,doing it like i always sucking big dikz !!! i was amazed, i'm made for this, a real white bitch and proud!! so yes i answered : Yes! i'm black owned!!!
hell yes, I've been blacked, and am always looking for more, more, more. i will never turn down a wonderful black cock.


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I'm a 22 year old guy who loves black dicks. That's all I jerk off to. I've never even had sex but all I think about is sucking and fucking big black cocks. I have a few dildos that are pretty big that I've taken balls deep in my ass. The bigger one is 9.5 inches and around 2 inches thick. I love to stuff it in my asshole dreaming that it's a big dicked black man who would feed me his hot sperm. That's the thing I fantasize about the most, sucking black cock until it cums in my mouth and I get to swallow it all. My #1 dream is to be in a throatbang with a room full of big dicked niggers shooting their thick sperm in my hungry mouth after I suck them off good.


Relaxed and waiting for BBC training to continue
My very first male on male experience was with a dominant black male. We found each other through an aol chat room and realized we lived a short drive from each other in the Northern Va area. We chatted for a time and decided to meet each other finally. Well, through all of our conversations i never actually realized he was a black man, and when we did meet i was surprised..and pleasantly so. He knew i was nervous, knew i had never been with a man before and was a perfect gentleman that first time. Yes, i found myself sucking his massive cock and taking every inch of it deep in my ass that very first meeting. It was as if something shut down and i was on auto pilot... i longed for it, wanted it, and there it was in front of me and i could not stop myself from giving myself over to it. It didn't take much effort to have me naked and on my back, legs spread and him rolling my up and fucking me for what seemed like hours. I remember feeling, for the first time ever, like i was doing exactly what i was meant to be doing. Having a superior black male between my legs and powering every inch of himself into me was utter bliss. He filled my ass with his seed and i knew i would be needing more of this kind of thing to happen. He was the first, the beginning and i have been with him a few times over the years since. I have moved away from the area, but we continue to talk often. What i want is to share the sissy crossdresser side with him, but i don't think he has much interest in that. I've hinted about it, subtly moved a conversation or two into that direction but it doesn't hold. <sigh> I would happily give myself completely over to that man.


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I've craved nigger dick my entire life, since I was 6 years old and kept making fires. One of the firefighters that came to put it out back then was a strong built black man, and eventually I asked him to use me as I he wanted. He told me that little boys should only play with little boys, but if I stopped the fires he'd take his shirt off and let me play with his very ripped body and wait until I was 18 and then he'd take me. He shown me his 10", as I told him unless I see that I'll continue, and he told me not to touch just look and then let me play with his amazing chest. Currently my step daddy uses me with his 11x13 nigger cock because the sex between him and my mother is pretty dull and I love rough sex at the age of 26, but I am looking for a nigger to own me.


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I am married white male - i go to the bathhouse in the city during afternoon business hours and there is always at least 1 or more black business daddy types ready and able to use my mouth. love the long fat shiny black daddy cocks and balls and the big loads they cover my face with. crave it.


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I'm a married white man, but I do love to suck a nigger. I've taken a couple of blacks in my asshole before and I want to do it again. I'd love to find a local that would use my mouth and asshole for his pleasure on a regular basis, and maybe pass me around to his friends. Otherwise, I'm straight, I still love to fuck women, but something about a big black mandingo dick makes me hard as hell and cum like a fire hose.


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Black cock was my first and I've been wanting nothing but ever since. Hoping to be one day owned and feminized 24/7 by a Black Dom.


at first Black Men were my little boy's dreams then but some years later They became a sexual attraction then some years later i realize being white means to be born to serve The Man, the Black Man. So always been a worshiper of the Black Man though it took time to fully realize the implications.
wishing many white girls and white guys go to the same path maybe faster than me and thanks to NW to help that.


servile bbc loving fem cd sissy slut in london uk
i have been serving black men since i was 16 and i am absolutely addicted, i live to lick a sweaty black ass clean and suck a black cock and when i have a big black cock in my ass it is like being in heaven, pure bliss. i serve about 7 black gods on a regular basis and often have one night stands, im a truely addicted whore and it was partly because of somebody i met on the old version of this site. :)


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hello. i'm a masculine white man in raleigh nc, i'm not a sissy or cross dresser and have no desire or inclination to be feminized. however, that doesn't mean that i am any less devoted to being used for the sexual pleasure of Black men. i simply feel men can be men, no matter the race. Black men are superior and that other races don't measure up, and that includes me. i am a masculine cocksucker for Black men. i bend over and get fucked by Black men - i take it like a man. but i should and do always defer to Black men. i hope i continue to find Black men that use me and for whom i can give satisfaction.


looking for a serious black man for full ownership
I had been with a few guys before i met up with a black guy online when i was in my teens. been hooked ever since then, dated women for a while in to my 20s but that was useless. been gay and in servitude since i was 26 and wouldnt want it any other way :)
When I was in my mid teens to ~mid twenties I went through a "Bi-curious" phase and met a few like-minded boys of the same age group. I always felt strangely attracted to black girls / women since I was 12. But when I was about 16 I was sitting on a bus and a very dark black boy of about the same age sat next to me. I instantly felt something rising in me I never felt before for another guy. I desperately wanted to kiss that black guy on his mouth and suck his cock. Unfortunately nothing happened and I guess he never knew how I felt about him. But from that moment on I saw black guys in a different light.
I was about 21 when I finally had the pleasure (thanks to a white woman) of sucking a black cock with him cumming all over my face. It really felt so good being down on my knees in front of him for about 15 minutes using my mouth on that lovely ebony cock and then getting a facial as reward for all my oral work. I soon got him hard again, with the help of that woman I mentioned above, and then let him take my ass as well. Getting fucked by a black guy felt so good.
My cock sucking days are well in the past, but I still think with fondness of my encounters with black cock.



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once i was a straigt boy but this is what big black cocks have turned me into
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and this is the cock that made me cross the line between fantasy and reality
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black men are gods
Of course it did white bois can't resist a dick like that


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I'm a previously straight BI WM. I was turned out by a black he taught me the pleasures of submission and how to properly service black men and have been addicted since. I proud to say he turned me into a BBC slut and have been black only for 2 years.


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Straight male here. Always have shared my wife/gfs with bbc. Til they shut down craigslist. Now trying to find bbc to make me into a complete bbc toy. And maybe even sissy. So hard to find though. Any ideas.
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