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So, I loooove raceplay porn and I’ve only been with one man who hasn’t asked me to say something about race or his skin during sex even if it was tame.
I wanna know how does it make black men feel to hear us talk dirty to them about their bbc. What goes through your mind? How did you even find out you liked raceplay? Do you like calling white girls certain names? I love being called white slut or white trash


White girls are the best
The first time a white woman called me nigger during sex I stopped in mid stroke. I looked down at her and she immediately said "OMG I'm so sorry I thought black men liked that" I didn't say anything for a good 15 sec. But that was only because my dick was getting harder than it ever had and that white girl felt it. I slowly started pumping and in a deep voice told her to say it again. She let out a big sigh and smile and said "Yes nigga" We fucked hard and fast and she kept calling me nigger or nigga always adding extra to it and when she told me to put that nigger cum in her I lost it and nutted like it was my first time. Afterwards we talked and she said she's always been with black men that like that.At first it freaked her out when they would ask for it. But she saw the power it gave them and the way they became when she would say it. She turned me own to the world of raceplay and I aint never looked back.

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