NW is making a movie


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Mr. NW is going to make a movie, interracial porn of course.

it will be all-sex , gonzo.

it's the most easy to start with...but I'm sure I can prepare something more complex soon.

but for now, I want to select some white girls and make a video of them...while they try a big black cock....

do you like the idea?


We're SPERM lovers
Yes, we would like that. We would consider being in a video under certain conditions. We like to make our own as well but younger well endowed black gentlemen from the general Cleveland, OH area who will consent to being in a video are *VERY* hard to find.


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anyone doing amateur IR in Central Jersey and looking for white guy to do 'clean' up...... no wages of course............. VERY discreet.


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black cocks can wear small mask covering their eyes, which is acceptable in filming..................... whose next....
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