Math and Interracial

What percentage of us pathetic little White Males LOVE watching interracial sex?
30% of the U.S. population is Millennial.
15% is Male.
Subtract the 6% that are Black Men.
Subtract another 8% for the other non-white breeding males of the same age and assume they are not watching interracial.
Assume 80% of White bois are single and considered unworthy by White girls as they only go for the top 20%. ( Which is very likely true. )


The number of White bois who are addicted to interracial porn or very likely addicted if they have been viewing porn for at least 10 years, assuming they started off as straight. That is the number of interracial cuckolds we will have in the future. Anyone want to do the precise math for me?

Please note. I am ignoring Black Men and White women in this analysis. I did the math. My best guess is 7.2 % of the White male population is potentially infected with the REAL VIRUS of the 21st century: Interracial porn!!! 7.2 of the young White males is still A LOT of Conquered White males.
Let's assume all the older men of wealth do not watch interracial. So let's cut this number by 70% again.

That gives us about 2.16 of the the population of the White Male United States addicted to interracial porn. At least! So, we are about the same in number as the homosexuals, assuming they are under or around 2%.

2% of the 330 million people in the United states is?
( I know there are a lot of errors here I am ignoring them )

About = 7 million White bois could be addicted to interracial sex in the United States alone.
I'd venture to guess that the actual number of potential interracial addicts is closer to 6% of the population.

That's at least 90 million people in the United States alone.


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What % of the population do you think we are? I feel so inferior to Black Men and White girls. I just want to watch soothing interracial porn compilations with soothing music to take me to sleep every night. I only dream of interracial sex between Black Men and White girls. I feel so humiliated as an inferior White male.
Interracial has a huge controlling effect on me. When I watch I watch in a TRANCE with a huge embarrassing silly Cuck Boi Smile on my face from ear to ear. If you have ever seen the movie Clockwork Orange?

That's me. Ear to ear smiling as a I jack to for 6 hours, now 24 hours in quarantine.

Something about a pretty blue eyed blonde saying she loves BBC while getting BRED sends me into a trance of humiliating auto arousal where I am not in control anymore, an I just watch and jerk and get brainwashed.

I just want to know if I'm normal for a White boi?
Give me more avenues for data? I really want to know what you think of my projected numbers?

Is the number of interracial addicted White males much higher or much lower?
I start off trying to resist interracial porn. Then I start sadly jacking and then I end up jacking happily with a huge White boi smile on my face.

I am very enthusiastic with BIG WIDE WHITE MALE SMILE on my face as I watch interracial sex. Am I gay?
It's over for weak White bois like me today. So we just try to find our White girlfriends a nice new migrant African Bull to breed them and give them proper pleasure instead.
Over the years as my complete ADDICTION to interracial has grown it has become very obvious to me that Interracial sex, whether in the minds of inferior White bois like myself or Superior Black Men and their White Snowbunnies, is a Sexual orientation:


This seems clear to me now as I feel more and more inferior to Black Men and White girls everyday. Comments?
I'm glad we finally have White males kneeling in public to Black MEN. It shows how far we've come. But we have much work to do! It's the natural way of things. White girls see a BBC, we sense their confidence and superiority. White girls see tiny little White boys and we see a weak easily intimidated little racist who has not come to terms with his privilege. This is the New Normal!


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I don't watch as much interracial porn as I used to (still watching a lot), but I like looking at BBC solo pics at least half the time. I love looking at black women (either solo, or with black men). I don't have any use for white males in porn at all (major turn off), unless they're shemales (I look at a ton of tranny porn a lot, most solo), and occasionally pleasuring a really exceptionally large black cock. Sometimes I like solo white women (and Latinas), but I'm extremely picky, and must be in the right mood. Zero use for lesbian porn, or Asian/Indian/Arab porn.

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