Now that it looks as though gay marriage will become law of the land, how many of the gays here will attempt to find, date, and marry a nigger? Personally, I think it will become quite common in the out years for white boys, attired in beautiful gowns and veils, to be walking down the marriage aisle on the way to the altar to commit to a nigger.... What say you guys?


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OMG yes, please. And to all you wonderful Black Men out there, I would make such an amazing wife! I am a great cook and I can do all the housekeeping and make such a perfect home for my man, and of course be his adoring, obedient fucktoy. What a perfect destiny! <3


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Black men will never want to marry a white sissy and make him his wife.If a black man wants a wife he will choose a white or black woman because they are real women.Sissies can be turned into wives for real white men if he chooses to do so otherwise sissies are only good to be used as slaves or servants.A black man wont want to have a sissy for his wife but always enjoy bending any sissy feminized or not and using it to fuck and fill with his hott cum.

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