1. BlackMale

    hellboy78 Gold Member

    I like white pussy
    • UK
  2. Crossdresser

    xxtase Real Person

    Mistress Paris, BBC SLUT & PROUD
    • France
  3. Couple

    coppiati Real Person

    • Switzerland
  4. Couple

    M74W76 Real Person

    I am only interested in BBC‘s over 22cm!
    My hubby likes to watch and cam
    Alexia Love
    • Switzerland
  5. Couple


    Sexy, Fun, Outgoing white couple into the black dick only cuckold lifestyle. White is straight and has only been with black men. Husband is bi and has only been wife black men. Wife is more on the dominant side and husband is her and her lovers sub. Looking for black men from 21-65. If your fixed thats a plus. If you think your the man or group of men for us send us a messag!
    • USA
  6. Couple


    BBC fixated PAWG with wannabe cuck hubby!!
    • USA
  7. WhiteMale

    Candy cane

    25 year old white boi. 5'5" 154 lbs. As you can tell I'm built to be a little bitch... unfortunately I've never actually had any cock. I'm too scared to just walk up and ask all these hot black men to make me the sissy dag I know I am. Please if you see this. I really need it. I haven't even used a didlo I'm too scared but that's why I need u to rape me.
    • USA
  8. WannaBeCuck


    Will NEVER Be
    As GOOD As
    A NIGGER!!!

    Have Dedicated my Life
    To Turning Every WoMan
    i Can

    ...i Have Been VERY Successful...

    My FEMDOM HotWife Of 3 Years
    Just Left With Her HOT
    New Pimp, So, I NEED A New FEMDOM MASTER To Hold The Key
    To my sissy/faggot clit Cage...

    I'm In Las Vegas,
    & KNOW
    Are my MASTERS...

    If You're A BLACK MAN,
    A HOTWIFE...
    ...You Can ALWAYS Call me:

    (206) 406-0735
    • USA
  9. Female


    Snowbunny Jessicasglove slave girl Searching For Her Black King Master Owner

    I am a 46 year old average plump curvy snowbunny white woman that is searching for a Black King Master to own me for life. I am naturally submissive and I am searching to be 100% totally owned and controlled TRUE REAL LIVE snowbunny bimbo slave girl (and I mean a REAL 24/7 live-in 100% totally owned controlled with no freedom and no safe-words slave girl - none of that shades of gray crap) by my future Black King Master to serve HIM with all HIS needs in domestic, sexual, and more; and even being p$mped by HIM to other Black King Men and Brown King Men for sexual usage or more.

    I am 5’9” tall; plump and curvy with a thick built; with brown color hair; dark brown color eyes; my nationality is white, Welsh, Latina, Irish, Native American, and German; I have olive white color skin; and I have been slightly trained as a slave between the ages of 16 to 19 years old, although, slaves always need training and I already expect to be fully broken down and stripped to a clean slate once I become owned and re-trained again.

    I only speak English and I live in the United States within the Seattle, WA metropolitan area. I believe 100% in the Black World Order; the Black Muslim World Order; Black Supremacy; and the Brown Muslim World Order, and I 100% fully submit to these as law and order in my life.

    I am 100% willing to be RE-LOCATED anywhere in the World directly to my new future Black King Master; whomever HE maybe.

    If you are an African Black Man or African decent Black Man and are looking for a snowbunny white female slave to own for all YOUR needs, and to be p$imped out by YOU Sir. And if YOU Sir are interested in seeing if I maybe the snowbunny white female slave for YOU Sir. Please go read my extremely detailed profile at my official blog at:

    and also get into my head by knowing my sexual side by looking at the example videos of things I believe I will have to do to YOU or other Black King Masters or Brown King Masters or things I might have to endure as I am being used for at:
    [I write out description on each post about the example that I am trying to show on each post]

    I am on Telegram Messenger:
    Username: snowbunnyjessicasglove

    Here is the website for this messenger and also can get app on cell phone too:
    They have an app for your phone, they have software for your computer, and a web base log in too.

    I don't use Kik that much anymore due to problems with it but my username there is:

    My Twitter profile where I can also be contacted at is:
    Username: BBCJessicasglov

    Plus I am a registered slave; see my slave certificate at:
    • USA
  10. WhiteMale


    I just started sucking dick just over a year ago. I have not been fucked and it will take the right man to fuck me. I have had the pleasure of sucking on a few beautiful big black cocks. I treasure them. Nice beautiful cut and worshiped by a white boy. I want to get it all down my throat. I was tricked into this lifestyle by a gay friend that had hit on me for over 10 years with no luck. I was at his house and he asked me if I wanted to smoke some meth. I did and I was feeling invincible and very horny. Brad reached for my zipper and I let him suck my dick. Then I told him to get his pretty boy, friend Brian there and let's have a little fun with the straight man being me. He called Brian and he was there quick handing me a half a gram. We smoked a little more and I reached for Brian's zipper and started sucking his dick in Brad's bedroom in front of Brad. I was rolling my tongue under his dick which was pretty damn big by the way. I was doing something right because he was moaning as I sucked his cock good. He took it out of my mouth and asked if he could fuck me. I told him if her let me work my ass up and down his cock at my pace. So he lubed up and lubed my ass. I grabbed Brad's cock and put it in my mouth and sucked him off as pushed back with my ass and slowly pushed Brian's now throbbing hard big dick slowly inside me. At my speed it felt Fucking good and Brad's dick was Fucking my throat. I let out a moan and I know they heard me. Brian tried to fuck me hard and fast and we had to stop. I want to loosen up at my pace.
    • USA
  11. WhiteMale


    Im a small cock sub hubby from brazil!
    • USA
  12. Crossdresser


    Single submissive sissy. Ex cuck to BBC slut. Looking for owner and proper training.
    • USA
  13. Female


    Hey my name is susie im 29 from the uk
    • UK
  14. WhiteMale


    White total bottom slut. Masculine, but turns into a man pussy at the sight if black cock. Would love to find single or multiple thugs to treat me as their slut. And then get used by hoodi s through word of mouth.
    • USA
  15. WannaBeCuck


    Looking for BBC to fuck my wife hard and deep! She needs someone bigger than my 5 inch. Shes an eskimo wife shes very shy and never done anal yet. Shes also never been shared. Her height is about 5 foot :)
    • USA
  16. Female


    petite bourge BCBG très vicieuse ch maitre pour mise a la bite intensif régulier
    changement de vie radical possible
    • France
  17. Couple


    We are a married couple that have experienced how much better black cock is than white. Looking for local hung black gentleman to own her pussy and keep hubby pussy free. Looking for long term discretion.
    • USA
  18. Female


    fun, open i like big cocks
    • USA
  19. BlackMale


    I am a young BBC that love white women. I have 3 kids and wanting more. Hit me up if you want to know more.
    • USA
  20. Female


    Tall, sexy beautiful BUILT for BBC
    • USA
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