How I was cuckolded without wanting to be a cuckold

How I was Cuckolded

This is a true story about how I was cuckolded without wanting to be cuckolded. I started out a dominant man wanting to be with women and over the last 12 years have become a bisexual male that wants to be dominated by a white woman or a black male. It all started in 2001. I was 26 at the time and very confident in myself and was dominant in nature. I had a much younger girlfriend who was 18 going on 19. Her name was Jessica and was not the kind of girl you take home to mamma. She had quit school and had moved to my city just a couple months ago. She had just ran away from a broken home. I met her through a friend of hers that my friend was fucking. She was so hot, curley long black hair, snow white soft skin, big dd tits with huge areolas, about 5"5 ,145 pounds and a big ghetto booty. We hit it off right away, I was fucking her the first night we met. She liked to drink and smoke pot and I was game as well. She was a wild one, wanting it in all ways. Blowjobs, in her pussy and ass, it didn't matter, she was so nasty. I noticed she wasn't always wanting sex after being together for a couple months. We had sex a lot the first month but not much in the second month. I had invited her to stay at my place after the first month.
I was getting frustrated once she stopped wanting to have sex as much. Her friend tried warning me about her, telling me that she was doing some other guys behind my back. My friend told me her friend told him she had been with 3 black guys in the hood and that she let them all cum inside of her. I was noticing that her pussy was very loose. I will admit, I am your typical white boy. I am 3 inchs soft and 5 inches at my hardest and not thick at all. I had always heard sayings like "it doesn't matter how big you are, its how you move it". I truly believed I had enough dick to please a woman. It got to the point where all she would do is let me eat her out and I was getting upset. She talked like a black person as well, used a lot of black lingo. I just brushed it off as what was popular at the time.
We used to smoke a lot of weed that we would get from one of my friends. She told me she could get us a better deal from someone she knows. I didn't think anything of it, so I said sure. Her friend's name was big Kev. He came over to bring us some weed a couple nights later and this was the first time I met him. He was very gangsta, and a huge man. I'm talking somewhere around 6'5 and around 300lbs. He was massive, very thick and big boned. He had huge hands and almost crushed mine when we shook hands. We had fun that night, and we all burned together. It became a regular thing to give big Kev a call when we needed some smoke. He would come drop it off most of the time while I was at work, I would just leave some money with Jessica. I was frustrated with the sex but everything else was fun so we stayed together. We were living together now for close to 4 months. She might let me fuck her once a week after that first month. I was frustrated because I felt like she couldn't even feel me inside her. She would ask me to fuck her in the ass and I would because it was tighter. I was also aggravated with myself because I couldn't last for 5 minutes without cumming. She would always reassure me that she was fine with it. I used to make sure she was always well taken care of with my tongue, which she truly enjoyed.
The fourth month we were living together was when the proverbial bomb went off. I was out of town with my job for 5 days. Well we finished a day early so I would be coming back home on Friday morning instead of Saturday morning. I arrived back home around 10 am. When I pulled up I saw big Kev's car, which I found strange. We had plenty of weed before I left, so I was confused. When I walked in the first thing I remembered was the strong smell of pot, but no one was in the living room. There was a 1/3 of a blunt in the ashtray so I figured he had stopped by to smoke with us. I started going towards the bedroom and heard loud moaning. When I got to the door I could hear him telling her things like" I own this white pussy". He was calling her a slut and she was agreeing. I was furious at this point. I was no dummy and knew what was going on. The door was locked. I knocked a couple times and nothing stopped. She kept moaning and screaming and he kept talking nasty. I knocked really hard a 3rd time and I heard him say " he is gonna have to know sometime". He came to the door and unlocked it. I was stunned, he answered the door but naked. I didn't know what to say or do. He had a gut, but under his gut was the biggest dick I had ever seen. It was bigger than any dick I had ever seen in regular non interracial porn. The only dick I ever saw that was bigger was John Holmes. He was rock hard and must have been at least 11 or 12 inches, what was even more amazing was how thick it was. I honestly think he was 4 times thicker than me. It was quite a humbling experience. I felt so inadequite . How could I compare? She told me " honey don't be mad, I was gonna tell you the truth, I just didn't know how". I said "truth about what". She told me to go get the rest of the blunt and she would show me something. I went get it, as I was on my way back to the room I heard more screaming. When I returned she told me to relax and smoke it. I said "what the fuck". She said just smoke the blunt and if you want me to get out of your house after I will. At this point, I knew I couldn't kick big Kevs ass, plus he carried a gun. So I set next to her and smoked and watched. I was mad but started getting turned on a bit as well. I never heard her moan like this, she was having orgasm after orgasm. I knew at that point that I had never really given her an orgasm before. He kept calling her degrading names and she loved it. He would pull out of her and she would suck on that massive cock like it was the last bottle of water on earth. His cock was so tight in her pussy, you could see the pussy skin gripping the thick black penis like it was glued on. He was going in areas inside her that I knew I had never come close to touching. He had so much more endurance than me, he was pounding her for 15 minutes straight and still hadn't cum. I was high and a lot more relaxed. At this point he was saying shit like " you know you need this big black dick" and she responded with" yes I do, white boys can't fuck, give me that big dick nigga". All the questions I had been asking myself were answered right there. He then announced he was about to cum, then she responded like a bitch in heat "cum inside your white bitch" then she said "i need that nigga nut all up in me". He was going so deep inside her, she was taking it all except for maybe an inch. When he said he was about to cum, he started pounding her like never before. I thought the bed was going to break. Then he started cumming. When he was finished and pulled out, I was amazed. Her pussy was so wide open and gaping. The cum was pouring out. What really amazed me was he was still pretty hard. I would have been limp. Jessica then got up and sucked his cock and tasted his cum. She tried to kiss me after but I didn't let her. What really amazed me was after he went to the bathroom, he came back and said he was ready to fuck her ass now. She didn't even hesitate. She got on her back and he fucked her asshole in the missionary position. He pounded that asshole for about 15 minutes, then pulled out and came all over her tits and face and she was as happy as could be. He left after, saying he had to go take care of some business.
I felt a whirlwind of emotions all at once. I was furious for what she had put me through and what I had to experience. I was also turned on and was hard. At the time, I didn't want her knowing that. She told me that she had been cheating on me with big Kev ever since the first week she moved in with me. She also told me that she could never see her self not fucking black guys. She told me that black guys are much better in bed and they are the only guys that can make her cum. She told me that she has never orgasmed with a white guy. That white boys can't fuck. She then told me that she has been fucking big Kev and all his black buddies. She told me one night him and 4 of his buddies ran a train on her all night and that the smallest dick out of all of them was 9 inches and was still thick. She told me she came with each one of them. I started thinking the saying is true about once you go black. She also told me she wanted to stay if I didn't mind her fucking black guys. I had too much pride and told her no. She asked me if she could have the weekend, and I told her she could stay till Sunday.
That Saturday I was feeling sad and was in the dumps. I went hang out with some friends that night. I got back home close to midnight. She was staying in the room next to mine now. I went to bed only to hear the sounds of hardcore fucking next door. It was torture, I layed there for hours hearing her scream and moan. I could tell she was having a 3 way with big kev and another guy. They didn't stop till 3 in the morning. I remember crying and feeling like crap hearing that all night. She was gone for good when I woke up. This would later become one of my biggest regrets..
I got over her like anyone else does after a break up. I started renting porn again but this time I started renting interracial porn. I remember getting harder than ever when I would watch these. I would watch these and cum and get hard again right away and cum some more. Sometimes I would do this 3 times in a row. I could never do this with women before. I watched this type of porn exclusively for a years after, strictly black man on white woman. I started watching cuckold videos after 2005, at first I thought the guys were idiots. Then after a few years I started envying them. It was at this point I started regretting losing Jessica. I had it made and my pride blew it for me. I started to realize that I just can't compare to some of these black studs. The sooner you admit that to yourself, you will not have to worry about the stress of satisfying a woman. I am now confident in my own skin and don't mind giving the woman I love all the best things in life. If I can afford to bring her to a great resteraunt, why shouldn't she deserve the best sex possible. If you love her and are truly unselfish, you should want to give her that gift. I know for a fact that not all blacks are great in bed or hung. I do know that those who are have a gift for giving women the orgasms of a lifetime.
A couple of years ago, I started realizing that I enjoy the big black cocks as much as the sexy women in those films. I started watching gay interracial porn and love it too. 1 year ago I had my first gay experience and met up with a bisexual black stud. He made me worship that thick 10 inch tool he had and I enjoyed every second of it. He bent me over and fucked my ass for the first time, my ass was a virgin for 38 years. It was painful but after a while I started enjoying it. He was getting off big time and that excited me. I actually came without touching my penis. It was limp like a little clit while he was pounding me, and it just started leaking cum like crazy. At this moment I realized that I am just a little white bitch boy that is meant to serve a women who is confident she wants a whiteboy who can give her everything she needs and will let her fuck black men as well.
I still regret those days with Jessica and how different things would have been if I would have listened to her. She really changed my life if you really think about it. I have met up with other women in hotel rooms over the last year and they enjoy cuckolding me. I arrange the place, the black stud, and the slut for bbc. She lets me watch and then I clean up the mess. Sometimes I get fucked myself while she watches. The moral of the story is that once you are comfortable in your own skin, you aren't stressed out, and if you really care to send the very best, send her some bbc, she won't regret it.

On a side note, I included some pics of alyssa allure because she looks so much like Jessica. The only difference is Jessicas tits were bigger and her hair was curlier,and a pic of my inferior cock, that is a post it note right next to it.

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white dude in DC - more blk dick in wht pussy!!
Great story man. def gave me a huge boner hearing about the time u got to watch big kev bang your girl.


Thanks for relating your story, it is too bad you didn't realize the opportunity you had at the time. Even for those of us who already fantasize about this happening with our wives or gfs there is still the anxiety of how we will react when it becomes reality. I'd like to hear about your other experiences since you have accepted your cuckold role. Thanks.

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