Great old 70's flick


str8blkman said:
Now whats interesting about this movie is the way it's described in Wikipedia and other sources.I wont give it away but first watch the clip and then read what the plot is.Tell,_Miss_Wyckoff

Very interesting Sir. The way it is told in Wikipedia smells prejudice and white KKK prejudice awfully.

In fact, she is enjoying the sex on the contrary of what it told by the Wiki notice.

1979 ... it is interesting that 15 years after Civil Rights Act, you still have a highly prejudiced white mentality ; it sounds more like the 1950's to me.

The short video is fascinating and John Lafayette as handsome a Black Man can be.
It's good to see white folks crawling at the Black Man's feet. ;)

white devotee


White girls are the best
This movie is full of tones that into today's world this would be considered normal today. I think the director was ahead of his time
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