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last night i had a black king over, he is mid 30's, built like a god with gorgeous dark skin, a 9'' cock and one of the biggest, roundest most beautiful black asses i have ever seen. this was the third time he has come over and he loves me to worship his ass by licking, sucking and lapping at his asshole like a hungry white bitch. anyway last night he told me to get on my knees behind him to worship his ass when as i spread his cheeks and placed my lips near his asshole he let out a loud fart that lasted about 3 seconds. he laughed and asked me if i liked it, then he farted again while i started to eat his ass. it tasted gorgeous and was heavenly. i was wondering if anybody else has experienced this rare and beautiful gift from a stud?


yes it happened to me once in a while but not on a regular basis mostly by accident.

Some Black Men like you to freshen up Their Ass cracks for example if They drop by from a day at work, Others will prefer the Ass worship to be done on a clean Crack.

i have not yet been into full cleaning up the Superior Black Ass. it is still off limits to me. :p

white devotee


Aryan Nigguh Bitch!!!
RACE (and SIZE) matters!

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I can't believe this step 'n fetchit Uncle Tom thinks honky farts stink the least . . . nuthin' but pure slave mentality . . . according to this kind of "COONology" everything about the "white master" is better . . . even his farts . . . wait a sec . . . does massah even pass gas :-[ ????

I know one nigga tried to justify eatin' white ass by sayin' pretty white girl shit don't stink . . . and her breath don't never stink in the mornin' either do it nigga . . . riiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhT ::) Well, I used to joke that my girl is so fine that she don't never gotta take a shit . . . she pays ugly white girls to do it for her :D!!!


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That's the hottest thing I've heard in a while! Reading your comment got me instantly hard. Thanks for sharing that.


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I've noticed different black men like different things ( Some like to get their cocks dirty when they fuck you, feeling it squish, for others it's a turn off. ) but ALL black men like to pee on whiteys and they ALL like to have their black asses licked and they ALL like to see a white ass turn red or white balls turn purple.

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