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    Butt Fuck My Wife!
  2. TND


    I'm kickin' it off ;D
  3. TND

    ni**er Seed

    BRUSH YO BREATH! BRUSH YO BREATH! BRUSH YO BREATH WITH CUMTYNE! This is a new thread dedicated to devotees of ni**a scum It all started with some Dentyne for fresh breath, then a kiss . . . and then as the night progressed . . . .
  4. TND

    This is how we do it!

    Or at least, this is how this nigga do! FIRST I enjoy some public displays of our strong interracial desire for one another. We take it private . . . her place or mine. From there, it's only steps to the bed chamber to begin to disrobe.
  5. TND

    Fuck Music

    I saw a thread on another interracial sex site that asked people to share what kind of music they like to have interracial sex to. I thought that might be an interesting topic for here. I normally don't like having music on when I have sex. I find music and sounds and noises in the background...
  6. TND

    In White Face

    Like some others, I love to see the expression on the Caucasian countenance when nigger dick penetrates and violates the white body. Therefore, I have started a thread that I view to be appropriately titled to allow for deep investigation of this theme. I begin with a few of my all-time...
  7. TND

    Black Moooonnnnssshhteeers!

    PERPETRATING "SEX CRIMES" UPON THE WHITE RACE This black MONSTER gets some good white "EurANUS": (look at that nigga's face at the 13:10 mark ;D!)
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  9. TND

    That Priiiiiiiiiized WHITE Asshole!

    There's nothing I love more than the most forbidden of places on the white female body . . . her priiiiiiiiized WHITE asshole . . . to kiss to lick to suck and to fuck . . . exploring that place where only the nigger is allowed to venture deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeep inside of her pale white body ...
  10. TND

    A Ruskie's Asshole!

    DESTROYED A RUSKIE'S aaaYEEESSSShoooooole! Well, I know this isn't much of a story, but I thought I'd write something anyway. A few days ago I met this 27 year-old Russian chick, and I ended up gettin' all up in that Ruskie "POOPKA" of hers. She had jet black hair, pale white skin, and...
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