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  1. J

    white bois going Black !! >>important please be honest!!!!<<<

    Straight male here. Always have shared my wife/gfs with bbc. Til they shut down craigslist. Now trying to find bbc to make me into a complete bbc toy. And maybe even sissy. So hard to find though. Any ideas.
  2. J

    suggest your screenplay here...

    Great idea for a movie and a real life.. Bnwo academy. An academy where they accept all whites. Either coming willingly. Be it as couples, singles, or brought in (usually white males *tricked, forced or lured by a QOS* where they are locked in pens to start. ALL white males ( are straight when...
  3. J

    Jackofspades wanna be.

    Lost a bet with gf. So to fulfill Looking to help bring in the Bnwo. Have been completely straight. But willing to be forced into serving bbc. So looking for bbc in mass/nh that want to break and subjugate. Can be one or an entire group. Masculine but nothing is off limits. Shave dress me..and...

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