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    This is what I want to happen to me

    mmm suck that black cock, white boy :-)
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    Members Feedbacks

    love the site ... but .... in many of the forums, photos that had been posted have been deleted ... apparently censored ... why were they censored??? the had been seen at least a few times based on some of the follow-up comments, but they are no longer there, having been replaced by a blue...
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    here are some pics i captioned

    dammit, once again the pics have been removed ... fuck censorship!!!
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    high school part 6

    i hate censorship ... would love to have seen the pics and the captions for all of his high school fantasies.
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    high school-finale

    she might like black cock as much as i do, but she can fuck my mouth with that uncut white fuck rod any time she wants to :-)))
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    Black owned

    that white girly boi is one lucky cock sucker and she has a pretty hot suckable cock herself :-)))
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    admit it boys, you wanna suck that black fuck meat that was inside her too, dont you :-)
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    Black Chick Fucks White Guy with Strapon

    i looked at her and all i could think about was sucking those gorgeous black tits ande falling to my knees to nuzzle my face into that5 hot black snatch and kiss and lick and suck and make her cum all over my face, mmmmm (sam)
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    black cock is fucking HOTTT ... but those cute white girly-boys are fucking HOTTT too... and they have beautiful white girly-boy clitties that need attention from daddys hot mouth ... love to suck their white clittys while they get fucked by black cock ... then both of the cocks-- black and...
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    White Boi's cumming hard from hard BBC fucking

    that red-headed white boi is fucking cute, his cock shoots amazing jets of cum. the black dude's uncut fuck meat is fucking HOTTTTT and makes sticky babies. i want both of those cocks to explode all over daddys face, mmmmmmm (sam)
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    re: pic of black boy and white boy leaning on the fence together: the white boy is HOT, the black boy is HOTTER and i wanna be down on my knees for both of your cocks .... please cum all over my FACE, mmmmmmmmm (sam)
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    Whiteboi's see your destiny

    oh god you lucky white cocksuckers, you get to suck that beautiful hot black fuck meat and wear their cum on your faces, mmmmmmm, fuck i am so jealous(sam)
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    Half vietnamese... gorgeous GF in need of BBC

    your girl is HOT and fuckable ... and you probably would be good to suck off that black cock to get it hard for her, then suck it again afterwards to clean it up and get it ready for her next fuck :-)))
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    Girlfriend wants to try a black cock.

    she is sooooooooooo fuckable :-))) that body was made to take black cock!
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    22yo White Fiance -

    if that is your fiance, you are one LUCKY dude :-) and we are all jealous ... and of course we all know she would look even hotter with a huge piece of black fuck meat buried inside her
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    another hot story!

    Link Removed i am looking at that that HOT pic of you and him kissing, mmmmmmmmmmm Link Removed and then the HOTTT pic of you with his beautiful black fuck pole in your mouth, and i don't know who is luckier .. him getting sucked off by such a pretty white boy, or you, getting to suck that...
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    Whiteboy Beatdown....

    hi guys and gals ... i do understand the basic premise of this thread, and may i comment as an older white guy??? first, i am like almost all of the whites here ... i love, respect, and would totally worship not only the black body, but the black culture. both the body and the culture are...
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    movies that say once you go black you never go back!

    those are some of the HOTTEST cum facials i have EVER seen :o
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    Mouthfull to Nworshipp..add yours

    all the pics are smokin' hot, but the HOTTEST of the hot are the pics where her pretty face is all covered with thick white ropes of his sticky jizz from his black cock .. yummmmmmmmm ;D ::) :o

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