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  1. SirBlkChe

    BBC in Little Rock , any women in this area

    If So lets get together.
  2. SirBlkChe

    Central Ohio BBC Virgin

    Love to be your first, hit meup
  3. SirBlkChe

    Looking for bbc in the pittsburgh, Pa area

    Ive never been there but would cum there to see you baby
  4. SirBlkChe


    send photos,
  5. SirBlkChe

    Blacks guys in Asia ?

    Sounds so good I need to relocate to Asia
  6. SirBlkChe

    Looking for black lover

    Yeah Im interested for sure , very sexy body
  7. SirBlkChe

    ....looking for a black man

    love to relocate to europe, if you got room for me Ill cum over there and move in,
  8. SirBlkChe


    too sexy where you located
  9. SirBlkChe

    My wife needs black cock up her ass

    Where is she located
  10. SirBlkChe

    bbc for my wife

    Love to BBC fuck her face down ass up where is she located
  11. SirBlkChe

    My Little Sub

    Love to play with all her holes, where is she located my BBC is ready
  12. SirBlkChe

    Hot teacher

    location she is hot
  13. SirBlkChe

    some of me for you to enjoy

    Love to use your sexy body where you located, contact me
  14. SirBlkChe

    What do black guys think of my gf? She is very curious about black men

    Hook me up I like her sexy legs
  15. SirBlkChe

    UK woman for Niggers

    Ill move to the UK, if you got room, ill relocate there baby
  16. SirBlkChe

    My aryan pussy on display

    You got room over there ill relocate to europe, I like your photos
  17. SirBlkChe

    New white female from montreal 4 chat

    Might be fake because theres no email responses at all
  18. SirBlkChe

    Genuine Tall Leggy Blonde UK for Black man or men

    ill relocate there to be with you , lets chat
  19. SirBlkChe

    New white female from montreal 4 chat

    Yeah I replied several times and havent heard from her, so are you real
  20. SirBlkChe

    New to Orlando FL , Anyone down here

    BBC here ready , contact me. Im in FLorida the hot spot
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