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  1. SirBlkChe

    BBC in Little Rock , any women in this area

    If So lets get together.
  2. SirBlkChe

    New to Orlando FL , Anyone down here

    BBC here ready , contact me. Im in FLorida the hot spot
  3. SirBlkChe

    All Cucks posting put your Location here to be better reached

    Allot easier to find you if you put your location here then to examine every profile Im in Nor Cali the bay area
  4. SirBlkChe

    Black Bulls, Post your location here so the ladys can find us

    SirBlkChe - currently in San Jose More easier for the ladys to find our location then to have them go through every profile on here to find someone.
  5. SirBlkChe

    Ladys post your location on this topic

    This will make it easier to reach you , then to have to go through every profile and find out where you at. This really helps Im in Memphis TN SirblkChe
  6. SirBlkChe

    SirBlkChe in Nor Cal seeking BBC lovers

    Been here 4 days and looking, whats funny about these internet sites is that when I was in memphis or LA I would communicate with women in different parts of the US then when I get there they would go silent. Like some people are intrigued the first time you chat on the internet but 6 months to...
  7. SirBlkChe

    SirBLkChe, Black Master Seeking Slaves

    Link Removed RULES FOR A BLACK COCK SLUT To be a true black cock slut you are always to remember that you exist to service his sexual desires. 1) If a black man refers to you as a slut, whore or cunt it is a compliment and you are to say "Thank you". 2) When you are meeting a black...
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