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    Tattoo suggestions

    Hi everyone, considering do a full arm piece cuckold Tatt. Any suggestions or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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    suggest your screenplay here...

    Flag Girls the Story/Toon should be turned to a movie!
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    A request for toon from the old NW site

    Hi all, Does anyone have or know where I can see a toon which was on the old site. It was called, I think Altered N***** Town. Many thanks in advance
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    Are cuck-Hubbies Born or Made?

    I'm unfortunately, not a cuckold hubby, so I hope my point is still valid to this debate. I long too be a cuckold now. But this has only been my ambition for maybe three years. My first memories of thinking about black men and white women happened when I was maybe nine. My mother and I were...
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    Superfine redhead Brandi loves cum...needs more Nigger seed in her feed

    She is awesome.....looks Irish to me. Love Redheads sir
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    Who wants into my UK bitch Paula? might just be the perfect woman lol xxx
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    How is this hot girl?

    Hi there, yes its Mischa Brooks.....the Movie is Belladonna's Dark Meat 5. Which also includes Jada Stevens, Madelyn Monroe and Dana is the full scene. enjoy: Link Removed
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    Who wants into my UK bitch Paula?

    If you both want a cuckold to humiliate hit me up sir!!
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    Let's party

    Would walk barefoot and broken glass to a party in London!!!
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    Looking for other middle age white guys to share Interracial stories with.

    Hi guys, would love to join in as well!!!
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    What Turns You On About IR Sex?

    It started for me a major taboo. I remember walking our dog with my mom when I was maybe 9. I remember her saying that no REAL Irish woman would get with a black man......I came from a racist background tbh. I was racist as well I guess. We'd moved to England by then, I lived in a mixed...
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    say hello

    Hi everyone. I'm Robert. An Irish guy obsessed with IR porn and cuckoldry. I'm looking for fun. Please free to add me. Hope to be a useful member of this wonderful community xxx
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