On June 23, 2018 I got on my hands and knees in front of a Black Goddess and two Black Gods and they named my place as a inferior beta pet slave. Came to realization to accept the fact that I will be forever a bitch for serving black men and women and to serve them and offer anything I own to them and to never say no to anything I'm ever asked to.
I will be forever a cuck to girls, as much as I do like them, but this boy will never be a man like a black god because two years ago when I was 22, my diabetes caused me to, after years of not taking care of my diabetes, gave me erectile disfunction and ruined my tract in my balls so that my inferior sperm can no longer travel cause me to cum, it shoots into my bladder, which I was told was fitting for my inferior white ass.
I've always felt embarrassed when I was around a black and have always thought how pussy I was, even to a black goddess I looked like a bitch seeing how Dominant and beautiful the bodies where. I know my place is in the dirt at your feet on my hands and knees to be nothing more than your dog.


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