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    Eating Black Nigga Ass

    Re: Eating Black ni**a Ass excellent blog thanks. white boi
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    Jewish Nigger Fuckers (hot cartoon)

    Re: Jewish ni**er Fuckers (hot cartoon) so true Sir ! white boi
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    We need to have a section dedicated to just rimming

    gorgeous scene : the crawling in rimming worship our Black Masters. white boi
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    Good example and era Sir. we can hope that more Africans will settle in Western europe and also that with a powerful African Union, a Black rulership can come again for more than 700 years. Too bad this thread has not been fed much, a most interesting topic. Happy new Black Year for all...
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    N-word Porn

    she is eating Black Ass in a clip with real passion and submission. it's a role model for us cr*ckers. a whiteboi
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    Great text, great program Sir for us and the growing number of white foot soldiers that are pushing for that Goal : Black-owned societies up to a Black-owned world. some of us are already partially living according to this goal and trying to spread the "Good News". A Happy Black Year for All...
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    All I want for Christmas....

    That is soooo right Sir. A Black Master in the house is the best whites can have. white devotee
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    Black men using white bois in Prison

    Not surprising Sir because, we whites have a lot of good Black Trainers behind bars in the USA ; it seems a lot of these white dudes there have been given a lesson in submission to Black Cock in particular. white devotee
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    Even Sarah Palin is into Black

    very true Sir : that's why "new Laws" would have them in "Black community service" to start with. white devotee
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    Who is your favorite male/black pornstar?

    I got the name of the straight French African performer ; it is Joachim Kessef.
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    Great old 70's flick

    Very interesting Sir. The way it is told in Wikipedia smells prejudice and white KKK prejudice awfully. In fact, she is enjoying the sex on the contrary of what it told by the Wiki notice. 1979 ... it is interesting that 15 years after Civil Rights Act, you still have a highly prejudiced...
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    Who is your favorite male/black pornstar?

    my favorite is certainly Mr Marcus but also Nat Turner and an African French-speaking man who is always into hard sodomy of the white girls but i can't remember his model's name.
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    Eating Black Nigga Ass

    Re: Eating Black ni**a Ass thanks it is indeed a feast for the eyes and such tasty rimming duties.
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    His bitch

    oh very true Sir. His Balls are so big and full, i guess the white sissy has been flooded later. white devotee
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    New Laws?

    Sir, the Light is getting clearer Sir every day, the Black Light on us. the destiny of the white woman is serving and pleasing theSuperior N***er Master and the whiteman to be the caven***er of the Black Man. white devotee supporting the New Laws white devotee
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