I'm a 37 year old total sissy bottom. Non-passable but love to CD and get used by BBC. Daddies over to the front of the line.

I have a very specific fantasy I want to live out. If this is for you, let me know:

I come over to your place as a man. I can be anything, a college student getting some tutoring, a neighbor just getting to know you, etc. We talk and chat for a while. Normal like, nothing strange. As the conversation continues you start to notice things about me. My meaty thighs, fat ass, and just the hint of some nicely sized tits under my shirt. You start to look at me and you can't help but imagine....would he look better as a girl?

You suggest it to me and of course, I'm taken back by it. Embarrassed. You press on though. And keep suggesting it. As it so happens, you have everything I need to try it out. Lipstick, bra and panties, pantyhose, even a wig perhaps. You tell me to take a shower and lay everything out for me to try on for daddy when I'm done.

After I've showered and dressed, you start teaching me how to be a good girl for daddy. Slowly at first. You rub my hole. My dripping boy pussy through the panties. You start playing with my very sensitive nipples and showing me how my body reacts. I may have been born a boy.. but when daddy's around, he prefers me to be a woman and my body reacts like a woman. You're slow and patient at first. Exploring and showing me everything... slow... then harder. More demanding. More attitude. You're determined to turn me into a bottom white slut for black cocks.

When you're done with me. I'm never the same.


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